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Web Questions General
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Web Questions General

How much will it cost to get started?
The average cost is approximately $90 per page. However costs will vary according to size and complexity. Generally the initial pages account for the bulk of your design dollar, as graphics and other page elements can be reused on subsequent pages.

How long will it take to get my site up and running?
The average turnaround is two to three weeks for your site to be published. As with cost, time will vary depending on size and complexity. However the development process may continue for several weeks as content and services are refined.

After my site is constructed will I be able to update it?
Yes, periodic updates are an important part of maintaining your site. Com2 Media makes it easy through the use of our Maintenance Service. However, you may also choose to update your site manually.

I’m interested in a web site but I already spend too much time managing my business. Will a web site require much of my time?
It is up to you. Com2 Media can manage the full scope of your site, provide advisory service or let you run free. In most cases, it will be a ccombination of the three. Minimally, you will need to provide information about your business and expectations for the function and design of your site. For more information about the development process please visit our Web Guide page.

Will I be able to expand the size and available services offered by my site as my business grows?
Yes, at Com2 Media adding services, monthly throughput, disk space, email accounts and other options is as easy as sending an email.

Domain Name & Hosting Questions

What is Hosting
Hosting (sometimes called parking) refers to storing your site on a server connected to the internet.

I already have a domain name, can I use it with the site Com2 Media builds for me?
Yes, you can transfer your existing domain name to your Com2 Media acount.

Is there a minimum time commitment required for hosting services?
No, all accounts are automatically placed on our standard monthly billing cycle. However, we do offer discounted yearly rates. For more information please visit our Hosting page.

How do I get my own domain name?
In most cases your web designer will work with you to find a domain name that matches your business name. You can also perform your own search and registration by visiting a domain name registration service web site.

eCommerce Questions

I’m interested in expanding my current business to the internet. Can Com2 Media help?
Yes we can. Com2 Media offers a full scope of site design and hosting services, from advertisment & informational sites to fully automated eCommerce web stores.

Will I be able to use my current merchant account with a web store?
Yes, you can use your current merchant account to process web orders manually. However, to take advantage of the fully automated features of a web store you must use an internet ready merchant account. Contact your current merchant account provider for more information.

Last updated 2/3/02

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